SMAC 5501


Pressure sensitive rubber resin adhesive designed for bonding to ‘difficult’ substrates like PE or PP. Not to be used in combination with plasticised PVC.

Typical applications

Building & Construction

  • Fixing of lightweight wall panels
  • Bonding of insulation materials and panels to walls
  • Fixing of floor materials (carpets, threshold strips, skirting etc.)
  • Joining plastic vapour barriers used in roof construction
  • Holding objects in place prior to mechanical fixing – an extra hand at the top of your ladder
  • Fixing tiles in place on floors and walls
  • Fixing side panels to caravans/mobile homes
  • Fixing of plastic casing on white goods
  • Fixing signs & displays
  • Bonding together of pond liners to form a waterproof seal


  • Joining of plastic sheeting used underground
  • Repair of plastic sheeting in greenhouse construction
  • Temporary tarpaulin repair


  • Adhesive type: Rubber adhesive
  • Liner type: Kraft liner
  • Carrier type: None
  • Color: Clear
  • Standard Widths (mm): 12, 15, 19 and 25
  • Roll length (m): 20 and 30
  • Total thickness: 0,4 or 1,0 mm thick
  • Density: N/A
  • Temperature resistance: MIN.-10°C / MAX.+70°C

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