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Machines that impress

We have two coating lines at our Vianen facility capable of producing niche products.

Log Winding

We are able to offer you logs of material up to 1,5 meters wide and various lengths not exceeding 500mm in diameter.

Slitting and Rewinding

We have a number of machines for slitting and rewinding products with both exposed and non-exposed adhesive. We slit using highly accurate, top quality shear knives systems, tolerances are further enhanced by our investment in the best LPC positioning systems to accurately steer the web and reduce waste.

Lamination and Sheeting

We have the possibility to offer you laminated products for custom applications with your own desired liner and dimensions up to 1,5 meters wide.

Lathe Slitting 

As part of our continuous improvement program we have invested in a series of single and double shaft, highly accurate, lathe or 'log' slitting machinery. These machines are highly accurate, with tolerances of 0.1mm and they are capable of taking log rolls up to 500mm in diameter and slitting rolls as small as 1mm wide. We can offer product on 1 inch or 3 inch paper or plastic, printed or plain cores depending upon your individual requirements.

Spool Winding

We can offer you cross wound spools with tapes slit from 5mm to 30mm wide and various lengths depending on the thickness of the materials chosen.


We have a sophisticated range of possibilities when it comes to die-cutting. We have multi tooled rotary die-cutters up to 350mm wide and we have Flat-bed die-cutters with a working width of 400mm. We have recently introduced Laser cutting to further enhance this section of our business.

Multifoil is keen to pursue specific projects with individual customers for whom we have implemented a partner procedure to ensure the delivery of the most suitable tape type for the application in hand. Our current high success ratio illustrates the importance we attach to this service.

Multifoil can convert materials into most formats that your imagination can come up with. Multifoil has the capability to produce prototype parts made according to your own technical drawings. Material specifications allow us to source the best and most economical material for your application.