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Adhering to innovation

Tradition – Screwing, gluing, welding and clasping were the traditional methods used in the 'fixing' universe. Our drive is to be at the forefront of effective, user friendly alternatives.

Metamorphosis – With a constant desire for improved productivity and efficiency our efforts and applications have in many cases surpassed the ‘old ways’ of joining materials.

Suitability –  No matter what you are looking to join together our experience and product range can usually provide you with a tailor made solution. From paper to precious metals our constantly evolving and broad range of products offer you access to quick, flexible and economical solutions.  

The science of surfaces...

In a world where we are bombarded by big brand marketing it is comforting to know that there is an oasis of quiet experience for you to tap into. Let us relieve you of the confusing burden of choice by helping develop the right products for the right applications.

Our innovation, experience and insight coupled with our advanced materials and rigorous testing facility helps ensure that we deliver consistent, reliable and quality solutions that perform to the standards you and your customers expect.

Know how - It's in our genes.