CB 400 can be put to universal use for the sealing of joints in structural engineering. CB 400 especially provides advantages when it comes to sealing connection joints and expansion joints in window construction when there is a direct weather contact. Our sealing tapes are made of soft polyurethane foam with acrylic dispersion impregnation, accessory agents and filling agents.It is a 3-Level joint sealing system component. 

Typical applications

  • Window construction 
  • Wood construction
  • Prefabricated construction and masonry
  • Framework and concrete construction


  • Adhesive type: None
  • Liner type: PE Coated paper liner
  • Carrier type: Foam carrier
  • Color: Black
  • Standard Widths (mm): ??
  • Total thickness: ?? thick
  • Density: ?? kg/m³
  • Temperature resistance: MIN.-30˚C / MAX.+100˚C

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