Glass Protection Film


Self-adhesive glossy films with perfect transparent adhesives for protection against injury from the shattering of glass. Since the glass does not shatter into pieces, these films also impede burglars.

The anti-scratch treatment protects against vandalism and damage through contact with hard objects. Protection against discolouration and ageing of fixtures and fittings as the film blocks 99% of all UV radiation. With these safety films, flat glass meets the European EN 12600 standard (impact resistance and manner of breaking according to the pendulum test).

Typical applications

  • crèches
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • hotels
  • swimming pools
  • bus-shelters
  • display windows
  • display cases


  • Adhesive type: Acrylic adhesive
  • Liner type: Filmic liner
  • Carrier type: Film carrier
  • Color: Clear
  • Roll length (m): xx
  • Total thickness: 0.075 - 0.175 mm thick
  • Temperature resistance: MIN.-30˚C / MAX.+100˚C

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