CB300 is a joint sealing tape of polyurethane soft foam with acrylic dispersion impregnation. Our sealing tapes are made of soft polyurethane foam with acrylic dispersion impregnation, accessory agents and filling agents.It is a 3-Level joint sealing system component.

Typical applications

Window construction

  • Driven-rain tight connection joints
  • Thermal sealing between the window frame and the brickwork, section fitting, backfilling, mouldings

Facade technology

  • To buffer locally poured concrete and prefabricated concrete elements
  • Shuttering joints when concreting

interior work

  • Light-weight partition walls
  • Decoupling double floors

High-pitched/flat roof

  • Roof windows
  • Roof tile seals
  • Air-tight connections on pitched roofs


  • Adhesive type: None
  • Liner type: PE Coated paper liner
  • Carrier type: Foam carrier
  • Color: Black
  • Standard Widths (mm): ??
  • Total thickness: ?? thick
  • Density: ?? kg/m³
  • Temperature resistance: MIN.-30˚C / MAX.+100˚C

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