Glazing pads


Glazing Pads consist of a high density red PVC foam, single sided coated with a semi-permanent acrylic adhesive.

Typical applications

Specially developed for separation and protection of glass panels, flat glass and automotive glass during transport, storage and installation. It is also used in the same application for painted panels, stainless steel and similar surfaces.
The low tack pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive makes it possible to remove the pads from glass, metal and PVC without leaving ghosting or adhesive residue.


  • Adhesive type: Acrylic adhesive
  • Liner type: Glassine paper liner
  • Carrier type: Foam carrier
  • Color: Red
  • Amount: 14.000 pads/roll. Other dimensions / packaging on request.
  • Total thickness: ±3,5 mm thick
  • Density: 335 kg/m³
  • Temperature resistance: MIN.-40˚C / MAX.+70˚C